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I just returned from a trip to Italy and felt inspired to write my initial blog on my favorite restaurant in Rome. My first visit to Da Benito e Gilberto was in 2009 with my wife Emily and Fabio Macaluso, a life long friend who has been like a brother to me. Fabio has been a patron of Da Benito e Gilberto since 1994 and was the one who made the reservation for us.

Da Benito e Gilberto was opened in 1976 by father Benito and son Gilberto on via Falco in Rome's first district near Vatican City. The restaurant is run today by Gilberto, his wife Angela as well as their three daughters Valentina, Federica, Nicole.

I assume the restaurant looks and feels very much as it did when it was opened in 1976.

The kitchen only serves local seafood and in my view the best in Rome.

Thank you to Da Benito e Gilberto for the photo of the dining room and to Emily for the other pictures.

There is certainly quite a bit about Rome's restaurants that I am unaware of, but I certainly believe that Hostaria da Benito e Gilberto is worth a visit "when in Rome."

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