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Il Libro della Cucina Siciliana (SICILIA)

On a trip to Sicily in 2009, after a short nap upon arriving in Palermo, I woke up and immediately went on a walk down via Roma to the Mondadori book store across the street from La Vucciria market to buy a copy of Giuseppe Coria's Profumi di Sicilia.

Profumi di Sicilia was first published in 1981 and has been a seminal guide to Sicilian cooking traditions ever since.

Above: La Vucciria by Renato Guttuso

The book is written in Sicilian and translated into Italian. I have never seen a version with an English translation. With that said it is still a beautiful book and one of my favorites in my cookbook collection.

Here is a link to find a copy of the book in the United States

My Italian is far from great and my understanding of the Sicilian dialect is less, but with that said I still have enjoyed Coria's encyclopedia of Sicilian cooking immensely. The book has hundreds of recipes and fun stories with folklore to go along with them.

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