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Rocco Petrunti is a fifth generation artisanal knife maker from the small village of Frosolone in the region of Molise. I received my first knife from Rocco as a wedding gift from my wife Emily and immediately became infatuated with his work and the craftsmanship of his knife making.

Rocco makes knives for most all uses including hunting knives, grafting knives, forging knives, all types of knives for the kitchen, all types of collectable knives as well as scissors and other very cool accessories.

Above are pictures of one of Rocco's prosciutto knives and one of his hunting knives.

Rocco uses various woods and bones to make the handles of all of his knives and forges different steels for all of his blades.

Rocco's workshop in the hills of the town of Frosolone.

Rocco's retail store is below his home in the center of Frosolone.

I was first drawn to Rocco because of my surname, which actually was not my great grandfather's last name, he was Fresolone and his named was changed when he arrived in New York in the late 1800's. I feel fortunate that my family's name was changed because had it not I would have never met this remarkable and talented man and his wonderful wife Ching.

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