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"One of the Most Underrated Chefs in New York City."

william li, town and country

"...Akin to Miles Davis..."

andrew cotto, appetito magazine

Sapori con un’anima (Flavors with a Soul)

antonella iozzo, bluearte

"Italian Cuisine Close To The Best In Florence And Venice."

john mariani, forbes

"...More of an Italian Grandmother and Less of a New York Chef.”

richard conti, la cucina italiana

"Jordan Frosolone is an artist at work..."

 lola cristall, lucire magazine

"A trip to Enna, Sicily..." rob patronite and robin raisfeld, new york magazine

"The Best of New York 2019: Cacio e Pepe" 

 adam platt, rob patronite and robin raisfeld, new york magazine

"Introducing Struncatura: the Calabrian Dish That Should Be On Every Pastavore’s Bucket List"

 rob patronite and robin raisfeld, new york magazine

"Jordan Frosolone poco piu’ che quarantenne, con nonni originari di San Gregorio Magno (Salerno) sara’ il nuovo master chef di un mega progetto commerciale." vincenzo pascale, corriere della sera

"The best burrata dishes in Manhattan..."  kristine jannuzzi, la cucina italiana

"This Italian Chef Is Using 'Ancient Pastas' To Breathe New Life Into The Cuisine" raphael madrid, food beast

"Is Italian Cuisine Lost in Translation?" all about italy

"Jordan Frosolone is The Real World Version of Tony Shalhoub."

"NYC’s best new Italian restaurants 2019-  ...high aspirations and frequent successes are a miracle" steve cuozzo, ny post

The Most Italian Restaurant in New York City." maria yagoda, food and wine

"Every pasta of several we sampled was impressive for its authenticity, especially in the ideal texture for each shape and sauce." john mariani, forbes

“Mr. Frosolone brings out ingredients and flavors that you don't taste at many other Italian restaurants.”  pete wells, ny times

"It's like nonna's lasagna- turned up to 11." Timballo di Zanghi. christina izzo, time out

" NYC's SoHo, Jordan Frosolone doing truly bold riffs on southern Italian cooking..." frank bruni, ny times

"His time in Italy brings true authenticity to each dish..."  nancy koziol, santé

"Terrifically, for Chef Frosolone has a knack for sourcing ingredients and a memory for Sicilian flavors." ny michelin guide

"When Lasagna Goes Sicilian" kristine jannuzzi, la cucina italiana

"...Frosolone taps into his father’s Sicilian lineage" time out new york

"The Future of Italian Restaurants." casa italiana zerilli-marimo NYU

"Frosolone was promoted to chef de cuisine and given the keys..." josh ozersky

"10 Best Restaurants That Opened In NYC In 2018.'" shari gab, inside hook

"Frosolone makes a Sicilian rendition, dubbed Timballo di Zanghi... with an interior of ring-like anneletti and pork ragù." matt gross, the guardian

"How to make the best cacio e pepe in NYC"- chow-to

"I had heard about chef Jordan Frosolone’s unique creations from a friend." christina ohly evans, financial times

"Jordan Frosolone assembled a team of renowned chefs for this unique Italian-inspired dinner." james beard foundation

"It was my first encounter working with people who had made the conscious decision to be cooks and pursue a career in the kitchen. " project blackbird, plateonline

"And with Frosolone's sensibility, I'd say that the best is yet to come..."  follow the chef

"Frosolone's new menu is full of hearty, Italian-accented food..." rebecca marx, village voice

"Marcus Samuelsson’s hunt for the world’s best restaurant found Chef Jordan Frosolone, of New York City’s..." foodiecrush

 "...Sorghum...Frosolone swaps it for rice in a chewy risotto, garnished with a few popped grains for texture."  robin raisfeld and rob patronite, new york magazine

"New York Italian restaurants you should definitely try..." food and wine

"Sicilian street food is another atypical feature on the menu..." sara ventiera, village voice

"The menu is straightforward, with none of flights of fancy so often found on Italian menus in this country." charles scicolone


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